World’s Toughest Book Critic Gives ‘Life Is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life’ a Positive Review

World's Toughest Book Critic Gives 'Life Is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life' a Positive ReviewRaleigh (N.C.), 18/01/2012
Kirkus rendered its assessment of the new book Life Is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life, calling the book, “A well-written, inspirational, uplifting book with spiritual overtones that should spur readers to achieve better things in life.”

Kirkus is one of the foremost experts on book reviews and represents the standard in the publishing industry and issued this review on January 13, 2012.

Kirkus wrote the book offers “Advice for succeeding in life, packaged in an easily digestible format.”

Founded in 1933, Kirkus reviews more than 5,000 books each year, including fiction, nonfiction, children’s, teen, self-published books and iPad storybook apps for kids. Kirkus strives to help separate books of remarkable merit from the masses released each year; Kirkus’ reviews are crafted by specialists selected for their knowledge and expertise in a particular field.

I am ecstatic about the review and I could not be happier to see that the work struck a chord with the reviewers,” said Dr. David Washington, the author of Life is a Choice and a sought-after motivational speaker for corporate audiences and youth audiences. “I hope that the review helps to bring others to the book so it can help to uplift their lives.”

Kirkus also made favorable comments about the writing style of the book with the following statement: “The author organizes the book into short, focused, simply written chapters, each of which is followed by a relevant lesson… Washington hits all the high points and, in so doing, packs a remarkable amount of solid guidance, seasoned with personal experience, into less than 160 pages.”

Life Is a Choice is available exclusively through for retail markets.

About Dr. David Washington
Dr. David Washington is CEO of Washington & Company, a business consultancy and training company. He has been published in the Leadership and Organizational Management Journal, Franklin Business Law Journal, and the Ethics and Critical Thinking Journal.

He has worked with various corporate and social organizations. He is a former faculty member of the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University, where he received the Outstanding Teacher and the SGA Distinguished Professor Awards.

Prior to his work in academia, Dr. Washington was a Noncommissioned Officer in the U.S. Army. He has been a guest on NPR affiliate station WSHA in Raleigh, WHUR-FM in Washington D.C. and other media outlets. He holds an MBA from Webster University, MSA from Central Michigan University, and Ph.D. from North Carolina State University. His passion is to educate, encourage and entertain people to reach their full potential.

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